Ziv Ravitz

"No Man Is An Island" questions the limits. How to maintain the interaction within a trio. How to infuse a dynamic without bass or piano, while finding a balance between the skins of the drums, the harmonic contribution of the guitar and the counterpoint of blowing on the saxophone. With Nir Felder (guitar) and Will Vinson (sax), but also the luminous presences of Gilad Hekselman (guitar), Vincent Peirani (accordion) and Camille Meza (vocals), Ziv Ravitz redefines the outline of the current jazz!

Agenda Ziv Ravitz
“One of the most melodious drummer we met" Citizen Jazz Read the article
“A drummer of fervent energy and inventive interplay.” Modern Drummers Read the article
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Ziv Ravitz drums & fx
Will Vinson saxophone
Gilad Hekselman guitar

Selected discography

No man is an island [Sound Surveyor – 2019]