Yaron Herman

The Israeli pianist has made progress: rewarded with a Victoire de la Musique 2008 Yaron Herman has multiplied the sound experiences with a tireless gluttony. This former basketball player, adept of the big gap, goes from Gabriel Fauré to Britney Spears, from Michel Portal to Avishai Cohen's trumpet, from the most sinuous improvisation to the most colorful pop.,,fr,Blue Note renews his confidence and goes out,,fr

Blue Note lui renouvelle sa confiance et sort “Song of the Degrees” (15 Février 2019),en.
The opportunity to meet a Yaron Herman at the top of his art with his most loyal lieutenant Ziv Ravitz on drums (also director of the previous album with "M") and Sam Minaie, contrabassist also Tigran and Melody Gardot . It's a return to the roots, jazz trio without a guardrail that mixes unstoppable melodies and organic trance.,fr,,en,Agenda Yaron Herman,,en,"Yaron paints a wonderful musical painting, at the height of his boundless inspirations.",,fr,"A remarkable album in every respect.",,fr,Citizen Jazz,,en,Sam Threats,,la,And [Decca Records - 2017],,es,Everyday [Blue Note – 2015],,en,Alter Ego [Act Records – 2012],,en,Yaron Herman - In Vivo,,en
Agenda Yaron Herman
"A feast of pearls in the phrasing, delicacy in the harmonic gradient and mastery in the conduct.",,fr,"Songs of the degrees is simply the most exciting album he has ever given us. And the bar was high. ",,fr Jazz Magazine Read the article
“Songs of the degrees est tout simplement l’album le plus emballant qu’il nous ait donné à ce jour. Et la barre était haute.” France Music,fr Read the article
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Yaron Herman piano
Sam Minae bass
Ziv Ravitz drums

Selected discography


Songs of the Degrees [Blue Note – 2019],en

Y [Decca Records – 2017]


Everyday [Blue Note – 2015]