Vocal Sampling

At first sight a Cuban sextet with trombones, bass, drums and voice of the most remarkable. On a closer look, only six singers on stage that reproduce a cappella all the instruments of an orchestra of sound or salsa. All out of the Musical Institute of Havana, musicians themselves, they reproduce breathtaking way, through their only voice, percussion, brass and piano on original compositions and covers of the Cuban tradition and elsewhere. See on stage obviously.
Agenda Vocal Sampling,,en,Rubén Darío Pérez Guerra, lead & backing voices,,en
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René Baños Pascual, director, lead & backing voices Reinaldo Sanler Maseda, lead and backing voice Porro Oscar Jimenez, bass voice Luis Alberto Alzaga Mora, lead & backing voices Rubén Darío Pérez Guerra, lead & backing voices, lead & backing voices Pedro Guillermo Bernard Coto, percussion voice

Selected discography

So Sampling [2017]
Akapelleando [2006]
Change of time [2000]
Holiday [1997]