Shai Maestro

powerful and homogenous trio of exemplary musical fluidity, Shai Maestro, Jorge Roeder and Ziv Ravitz back with a new album more personal than ever: The Stone Skipper.

Stretching the boundaries of deep jazz ripened, Shai Maestro Trio does not hesitate to put one foot in neighboring territories, combining the elegant electronic keys and the onset of osmosis voice with its unique universe.

Since its inception in trio in 2011, the musical path of Shai Maestro seems to accompany the search for a full humanity. This quest is based on years of companionship with Jorge Roeder and Ziv Ravitz, six years helped shaped a strong musical identity and give their trio a place in the jazz landscape.
Agenda Shai Maestro
«Avoiding carefully devoting himself to an immature debauchery of virtuosity, the well-named Maestro imposes his style»

Les Inrocks
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«Maestro’s solo career is going to be one to watch.»

The Guardian
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«Shai Maestro plays music in every sense of the word.»

Jazz Magazine
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Shai Maestro, piano
Jorge Roeder, double bass
Ziv Ravitz, drums

Selected discography


The Stone Skipper [Sound Surveyor Music – 2016]


Untold Stories [Sound Surveyor Music – 2015]


The Road To Ithaca [Laborie – 2013]

Shai Maestro Trio [Laborie – 2012]