Renaud Garcia-Fons

Renaud Garcia-Fons is one of those musicians who form one body with their instrument. In fact, as far as he can remember he has always played the double bass! A musician with completely disconcerting agility but who shines above all for the multiplicity and the great variety of his projects. Always with his 5-string instrument, whatever the aesthetic he sublimates and appropriates flamenco, jazz, gypsy music, classical, baroque music and the list goes on and on ...
To discover on the 21/22 season “the Breath of the Strings” (sortie 12 Novembre 2021), projet ambitieux qui associe quatuor à cordes classique, guitare flamenca, et instruments orientaux (kemence et qanun), autour de la contrebasse.
And still on tour, the duo “Farangi"From baroque to the east with lutenist Claire Antonini, the trio"The life ahead”(With David Venitucci - accordion and Stéphan Caracci - vibraphone / drums), the duoRide for two”With pianist Dorantes, the solo, and the cine-concert Prince Ahmed”On the oldest animated feature film in German cinema!

(In agreement with François Peyratout / nemomusic)

Agenda Renaud Garcia-Fons


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Selected discography

Farangi [E-Motive Records – 2019]
Life in front of you [E-Motive Records - 2017]
Walk to the two [E-Motive Records - 2015]
Marcevol [Enja Records - 2012]