Pedrito Martinez,es

Revelation (and Revolution!) Latin jazz, Pedrito Martinez is undoubtedly one of the most talented musicians in this style and one of the most requested, both for his voice for his outstanding percussionist. His group rejects brilliantly the boundaries of Latin jazz by incorporating guaguancó influences, blues, flamenco or timba to make an explosive and harmonious blend that gives only one desire: to dance! Fresh, original, and irresistibly energetic, even the greatest of Eric Clapton Wynton Marsalis are not mistaken ...
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Pedrito Martinez,es, vocal, percussions
Edgar Pantoja-German, Keyboard, vocals
Alvaro Benavides, Bass, choir
jhair Room, Bongos, chorus

Selected discography

Habana Dreams [2016]

Pedrito Martinez Group [2013]