Otis Taylor

Out of nowhere, or rather the end of Colorado background, with albums whose titles are intriguing (When Negroes Walked The Earth, White African, Respect The Dead, My world is gone ...), Otis Taylor cultivates its difference. Brush in mind the "tangent" blues JB Lenoir, John Lee Hooker, RL Burnside, the tradition of American social songwriting. The sound is haunting, unclassifiable, timeless, hypnotic rhythm while the singer of "trance blues" evokes the past but his point is well present. That is also the blues.
Agenda Otis Taylor
“The bluesman from Colorado goes back to the origins of Afro-American history and dares to approach all kinds of musics.” Télérama Read the article
“Creating a hybrid blues, he distills with an uncommon narrative talent a recipe with dark and hypnotic flavors..” Rolling Stone Read the article
“My world is gone » offers unstoppable pieces. His baritone voice and his six strings guitar vibrate with an authentic power.” Vibrations Read the article
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Otis Taylor voice-guitar-banjo-harmo
Nick Amodeo bass
Byron Cage drums
Kit Massey violin

Selected discography

otis-taylor-contrabandFantasizing About Being Black [Trance Blues Festival – 2017]
otis-taylor-contrabandHey Joe Opus Red Meat [Trance Blues Festival – 2015]
otis-taylor-contrabandMy World Is Gone [Telarc – 2013]
otis-taylor-contrabandContraband [Telarc- 2012]