Nicolas Repac “Rhapsodic”

Fresh out of his rereading of Alan Lomax's tapes (“Black Box” - 2012), Nicolas Repac meets ethnologist Charles Duvelle in his Parisian lair. Duvelle is that tireless walker who traveled the world throughout the 1960s with a microphone and a form of obsession. It brings together what will become, integrated into Ocora, the “Prophet” collection. These 41 albums bear witness to a world doomed to disappear, a world that globalization is still barely touching on.

Repac immersed himself in its treasures of sound archives for five years. “Rhapsodic” is the fruit of this patient labor. The material has been transformed, collages and new insertions bring these moments from another time back to life, often with unexpected moments of emotion.

In concert, “Rhapsodic” invites to a sound and visual experience, with musicians, sampled tapes and video.

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Nicolas Repac guitar, bass, flute, harp harp, voice
Didier Simione djing
Patrick Goraguet keyboard, drums and percussion
Julien Appert vjing

Selected discography

Rhapsodic [No Format ! – 2021]
Black Box [No Format ! – 2012]
The Ferris Wheel [Deluxe Discs - 2007]
Swing-Swing [No Format – 2004]