Mathis Haug

This singer / guitarist / writer is one of the best kept secrets on the European scene. Student of The Blasters and Howlin 'Wolf, The Rolling Stones and Tom Waits, Mathis offers a unique blend of roots blues, folk and gospel, inhabited by his energetic vision of rock.,fr

Mathis scum scenes from the Old Continent for two decades, electrifying crowds wherever it occurs. His music is a musical hurricane difficult to quantify, but highly addictive. A true showman, he offers an original personal anthems repertoire inspired by his reading of the world, evocative of environmental problems or migration crisis in the era of globalization.,fr

In concert, all in harmony with the great drummer / percussionist Stephan Notari, Mathis practice on stage a controlled brilliance. Its unique ability to intermix bass lines and melodies on his instrument contributes significantly to the irresistible attraction of his music, he plays acoustic ballads or electrifying incantations. Accustomed blues / folk / rock European circuit, Mathis now intends to offer its sound spirit to the world with the assurance of seducing crowds on every continent.
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Mathis HaugGuitar, vocals
Stephane Notaridrums

Selected discography

Wild Country [New Wave Records - 2017]

A Heart full of love [Nueva Onda Records – 2015]

Distance [Dixiefrog – 2013]

Playing my dues [Dixiefrog – 2011]