Lokua Kanza

Lokua Kanza is the story of one of the most beautiful voices on the African continent, an atypical voice that has made its way since the mid-90s, one of the few voices on the continent that has spoken as well to the big names international jazz, as well as French singers.
Lokua is an atypical artist, artist of song and cantor of a generous Francophonie with an ever universalist message.

2021 will see the release of a new album, a rarity, ten years after Nkolo.

Agenda Lokua Kanza
“Lokua amazes with its musical delicacy, finesse and fluidity of the voices” Le Monde Read the article
“Rare are the voices whose every particle remains in memory at the first hearing” Le Temps Read the article

Selected discography

Nkolo [World Village - 2010]
Plus Vivant [Universal - 2005]
Toyebi té [Universal - 2002]
3 [RCA – 1998]