Loco Cello

Loco Cello is swinging in new and elegant way chamber music and jazz, Django Reinhardt and Mendelssohn. This string quartet of outsized creativity merges energy manouche their jubilant musical intuitions. Loco, it's crazy!
Either two duets. One rather classic, combining guitarist Samuel Strouk (Grand Prize of the Charles Cros Academy 2018 for the memorable album Trintignant-Thousand Piazzolla) with cellist François Salque (key figure of the classic). The other, rather jazz is swing guitarist Adrien Moignard and bassist Jeremiah Arranging, gypsy experts who shared the stage with Bireli Lagrene, Rosenberg Stochelo, Didier Lockwood and Angelo Debarre.

Django Reinhardt, Piazzolla, Grappelli, Mendelssohn ou Chopin… Their cross unites classical and jazz repertoire in an energy revisitation. Musical boundaries fade, giving way to a boundless imagination. This is a quartet of a new type that does not bother label, exploding genres with great joy and virtuosity.

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François Salque cello
Samuel Strouk guitar
Adrien Moignard guitar
Jérémie Arranger double bass

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Loco Cello [Universal 2019]