Julie Erikssen

Erikssen Julie is an artist whose grace calls. Jazz singer in the respect for tradition, she delivers today her first album "OUT OF CHAOS" original european jazz music as she wrote the music and the lyrics. An aerial, elegant and lighting music serving meaningful stories . An atmospheric journey into a wonderful poetic universe that is not without evoking the serene power dense Scandinavian forests. With a very rich inspired vocal range, innate swing and limitless technique, she shines with a striking sincerity and an amazing natural charisma. Always surrounded by renowned musicians, she also carries with piano and guitar, for moments of privacy in an unforgettable scene.
Agenda Julie Erikssen
"" Author, composer, musician and singer intense (...), the young woman has a sure instinct for the key, and will move "" Télérama Read the article
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Julie Erikssen vocals
Tony Paeleman piano
Donald Kontomanou drums
Viktor Nyberg doublebass
Pierre Perchaud guitar

Selected discography

Out of Chaos [Sound Surveyor – 2018]