Indra Rios-Moore

"All men who saw Prince on stage said : "this guy could be my wife! I'm sure that you would like to make love to him."A far-fetched assertion, translated from English into more raw reality and signed Indra Rios-Moore during an interview in Paris. When not mentioned his frenzied passion for the king of funk, Indra - a name and a heavenly timbre - performs an acoustic directory full of groove, soul, but mostly folk and blues.
Now with a trio formula (voice - double bass - saxophone), she prepares a new album, releases in 2020.
Agenda Indra Rios-Moore
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Indra Rios-Moore vocals
Benjamin Traerup saxophone
Thomas Sejthen double bass

Selected discography


Carry My Heart [Impulse 2017]


Heartland [Impulse 2015]


In between [2012]


Indra [2010]