Édouard Ferlet “Altérité”

Take Edouard Ferlet, a musician apart on the French scene. Heard with his reincarnations of Bach in solo piano, he crossed his keyboards with the harpsichordist Violaine Cochard, remains a pillar of the trio of Jean-Philippe Viret (which we will celebrate his twentieth anniversary this year!), Multiplies the collaborations in the universe jazz with Airelle Besson and Stéphane Kerecki.

Last thought, at the unstuck, he summons one afternoon three singular figures, the French-Syrian flutist Naïssam Jalal, the Guadeloupe percussionist Sonny Troupé, and the Batignollois cellist Guillaume Latil. An idea in mind: to play, to explore without thinking about the "consequences", and to ignore the a priori (as the three do not necessarily seem to come from the same musical galaxies). At the "In a Silent Way" Miles Davis, the bands turn, and record. At the replay, the group retains only the most memorable moments, and transforms these stolen moments into a score, which become the pieces played.,,fr,,,en
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Édouard Ferlet piano, voice
Naïssam Jalal flute, ney, voice
Guillaume Latil cello, voice
Sonny Troupé battery, voice

Selected discography

Altérité [Mélisse - October 2019]