Daniel Zimmermann

Indispensable trombonist on the French scene for 20 years, traveling companion of Thomas de Pourquery, of Coronation of the Tympanum, from Nougaro, Manu Dibango, Tony Allen and so many others, Daniel Zimmermann is embarking on his 3rd album at Label Bleu in a very personal reinterpretation of Serge Gainsbourg's work, with the musicians of his multi-halo album “Russian Mountains”.

Lively, playful, moving, the ensemble comes and goes between quirky arrangements and the creation of genuine new pieces, made from ingredients taken from the original work of the legendary singer-songwriter. Concentrated around the Gainsbourg before Gainsbarre, the most creative from the point of view of melodies, the 4 strong heads combine the raw energy of rock with the creative and fiery freedom of jazz. Of Bonnie & Clyde stranded in Sahelian lands in Comic Strip azimuthé, d’Lost loves poignant in Things things languid New York USA in Melody Nelson as if suspended above implacable grooves, they multiply winks at the master the better to turn away, infusing his spirit of malice and irreverence into each of their flights.
With the luminous presence ofErik Truffaz on the album and some dates!

Agenda Daniel Zimmermann
“A superb quartet where only important individuals from contemporary jazz crowd (…) A treat for the spectator” Télérama Read the article
“Daniel Zimmerman combines the original expressiveness of the trombone with ultra-sophisticated phrasing.” Libération Read the article
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Daniel Zimmermann trombone and arrangements
Pierre Durand guitar
Jerome Regard double bass
Julien charlet drums

Selected discography

Dichotomies [Label Bleu – 2019]
Roller Coaster [Label Bleu - 2016]