André Minvielle

It's intimate and unique. This is the new project of voc'alchemist André Minvielle. It is secular and syncretic. An ode to "Saint Cop." A mix of influences and trends, sung, improvised. Eight originals, seventeen beaches to celebrate the Anthropophonie and hunt glottophobie. Alone on stage with his hurdy-gurdy or with selected guests (Bernard Lubat Abdel Sefsaf, Marc Perrone, Diary), 57 'of French musical deterritorialization.
Agenda André Minvielle,fr
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André Minvielle vocals
Guests :
Bernard Lubat piano
Abdel Sefsaf vocals
Marc Perrone accordion
Juliette Minvielle,,fr,Fernand "Nino" Ferrer,,fr piano and vocals
Fernand « Nino » Ferrer bass

Selected discography

1 Time [2016]