André Minvielle & Bernard Lubat

Two long-time accomplices finally together! Both collectors, multi-instrumentalists of genius, they formed the ears (and the spirit!) Of a whole generation. André Minvielle sings in French or Occitan and practices what he calls "vocalchimie", a mixture of scat, blues and rap, which he sometimes accompanies with hurdy-gurdy, percussion and sound effects. megaphone or plastic bottle. Bernard Lubat is defined as a "malpoly-instrumentalist". He exercises his talents mainly on drums and piano, but also on accordion, vibraphone, percussion and vocals, he is a formidable scator. They are accompanied by a third accomplice, Fabrice Vieira on guitar. With these accents collectors, these word players, these sound collectors, each concert is a new surprise that they offer to the public.,fr
Agenda André Minvielle & Bernard Lubat
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André Minvielle vocalchimie
Bernard Lubat malpoly-instrumentiste
Fabrice Vieira guitar

Selected discography

1 Time [2016]